Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love is...

True Love.
Real Love.
Unconditional loving Love.
Withstanding ALL, Love.

Loving, something I do, knowing my heart may break. Totally incapable of not allowing love through, I love with my eyes squeezed tightly shut. Even more of a struggle, recognizing others & their love for me. A giant leap of faith. To empower - to struggle - is to gain the enveloping existence of.. being fully, aware and alive! Yes, this IS love.

A strapping young man, embracing me with all of his physical strength, allowing himself to be comforted by me, his mother, affirming what I can feel, "Mommy I love you."

A girl with tears in her eyes, mentioning how she wants to be as good of a mom as I was to her. As tears fall down her face, around her cute as a button nose, manages to squeaks out, "Thank you; I love you Mom."

A 6'4" son, rounding his lean slender body in for a hug, from his mom, me again, utters as gently as his arms embrace me, a soft, "I love you momma."

The little girl who throws darts at you through her stare after a confrontation, then a few hours later, passing you in the hall, tenderly reminds you, "Mom, I love ya."

My husband implying to me, expressing through words, how much he loves me.
"I love you a lot."~"I love you so much."~" I couldn't love you more."~"My honey I love you very much."

Several times a day.

A sleepy, going to work kiss and, "I love you lover."
A text during the day, "I LOVE YOU SO FRICKING MUCH!"
A home coming hug with an, "I love you very much."
To endless night time gestures and words.

Love expressed differently. Wording not the same; however equal. Love without expression, I couldn't imagine that world; I am apart of an utopia which I have created.
Gracious and saving.

Bless you all.

WW :)

PS. And food IS love.

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