Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Word of the Day for Wednesday,

January 27, 2010

panjandrum \pan-JAN-druhm\, noun:

An important personage or pretentious official.

Need I add more?


I didn't think so ;-)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In The Life Of A Goddess

It's Tuesday and my life rocks!

I bled, which really helps me become much more fun, happy and goofy. Back to normal!

I worked, I played, I loved.

Fitness classes have begun - I LOVE SWEATING!

I dated my hunky husband on Saturday - time with such a handsome, loving, strong man is always my pleasure :)

I went skiing - 3rd time. And I only screamed once ;-)

I had Goddess Day with one of my best friends last Monday - and then again yesterday with my bestest friend and momma. I also got a most garish and tacky pink purse - which I love!

Today, another great friend came over, we went for a run and then she set up my new evil torture devise - my treadmill. We tried it out, I almost fell off. She laughed. Bitch. *Giggles* Kidding, kinda ;-)

I currently have no hot water (pipe broke and was flooding the basement last night), I did a sponge bath thingy freezing my ample bottom, yet still I remain unfazed and happy. A little chilly, of course. But all smiles :-)

A warm cup o'java, homemade stew - stewing for supper, pups asleep, on the computer, relaxing...

Until 5:30, then I get to SWEAT again, with many fabulous women from around these parts!

Ah, this is MY life!

WW ...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Were There!

My Outline

I ventured out again this weekend - The Olympic Torch!
Pabsters, you should recognise Jillian and her hubby, Tim ;)

Defrosted and ready for maybe, just quite possibly,
I will try skiing again this year.

My husband showed an enormous amount of patience with me last year,
I would be a fool not to try once more :)

Fitness classes begin this week - I'm ready to rock n roll!

(Neat poster eh?!!)

And even a spa date with a friend,

I have not seen in well over a year, is to happen Tuesday.

My highlight this month, definitely!

Working at Mission Ridge Winter Park,The Dee Spot,
Classes,being a goddess...

Wow, who could handle such fun?



Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hmmm, what can I, do I, choose to work on this year? Ahhhhhh, a goal, per se to strive to achieve. Something that requires effort, without the dooming feel of disappointment if not achieved.

Last year I had the goal to answer the phone more, and go outside of my home when invited out by others into their homes, parties, functions.

I didn't fully succeed, however I didn't fully fall flat on my face either. I will continue to work on these points as well as adding the few others confided above.

Hell, when does this learning shit ever end?

WW ;)


PS. This year I will make an effort in:

... to be continued ...