Saturday, December 25, 2010

Family = Christmas

Love & Hugs,
xo xo xo

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Do I Whine Too Much?

Hmm, I do not wine too much; however do I whine too much when blogging?

I hope not. I vent. It's like my online journal. Hence the lack of need for opinions. I think.

now I am wondering.


Oh brother!


Love ~ Hugs ~ Kisses
WW xo

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap fun..

It's loud. Annoying. Fun. Addictive.

Thanks goes out to MMA Warehouse for bubble wrapping their shipment to me over this holiday season.

Back to your program...

WW xo


Yes, "The time has come; To talk of other things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot. And whether pigs have wings..."

Christmas is 5 sleeps from today.

My Christmas blues have arrived in full force today.

Well, at least I made it THIS far, THIS long, THIS year. It's definitely my personal best. And I am not even happy about it. Perhaps a little.

I have eyebrows this year (don't ask, and if you know me well enough, you don't have to..) I am working through "it" as we do, as grown adults. The issue, being molested on Christmas. And Christmas arrives every year. I get sad every year. Not mad, not full of revenge not even a tiny bit angry, just a deep sadness. It's all good. Just my reminder of how wonderful and happy every other day is for me, a treasure in itself :)

So, I put on my big girl panties. I let myself tear when needed, but not for too long. Cos, I need to be out and about, doing..believing..hugging..and loving even more during the holiday season. I am immeasurably fortunate to be here with a superb loving family and friends. And with eyebrows this year! Crazy stuff, does happen ;)

The countdown. The smiling faces. The happiness and kindness. Being calm and again loving with my whole heart. It happens every year. Christmas is almost here - enjoy!

Ho, Ho, Ho..
Wonder Woman xo

PS. Admirable people say captivating things to me, yet another commendable human being in my world loving me as I need to be loved,
" Your optimistic outlook on things melts my heart love. I'm glad you still have eyebrows :) "
Few words = much love and warmth.

Amen xo

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You're a Douche

One of my favorites, and it makes me smile.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't F@ck With Me B-Word!

Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.
~ Omar Bradley

Situations arise in everyone's lives every once and a while and sometimes it's a bit tricky how to handle them .. fairly. If there is truly a "fair" way.

I have a situation. I have choices to make. It's not pretty. This someone would get fired and possibly sued. The someone is my daughter's boyfriend's mom. Nice, eh?

I am a black and white person. It's illegal or not illegal. It's right or wrong. I am a straight shooter, which I am sure you get, if you read my blog, ever.
Therefore, to be true, honest, just, fair, is a yes/no dealio ...
I am who I am and I like me - so neener if ya don't :p

A person with authority, authoritative rights, power .. have a certain responsibility to not be corrupt and walk over that fine line, regardless of their "feelings".

IE: My son once asked me if I would turn him in for marijuana if I became a police officer (kids love to play the "what if" game). I answered truthfully. Yes. Yes, I would. It's illegal. Don't flaunt it in front of an officer of the law, you will get fined. The end.

He had a pretty good idea of my moral / ethical side. Do I agree with the law? No, not always. Do I have to? Nope. If I disagree strongly, I need to stand up for what I believe to true, honest, just, fair :) Or lay back and let shit happen as it will happen. Oh lookie, another black/white, yes/no, do or not way of thinking..

Years ago I was presented with a great opportunity when a "what if" question was asked to me. A "what if" question from a taller than myself, pissed right off at me, teenage boy being raised by a single parent mother.
The question was "What would you do if I hit you right now?"..

He was yelling, and towering over me. I KNEW THIS WAS A CRITICAL opportunity. I want the best for my children and with that RESPONSIBILITY is so flicking huge.

I looked up at him, in a calm voice (from deep within my soul I found that calm woman) and said sternly serious, "I would phone the police."

My son was befuddled and then retorted weirdly quizzical yet still quite angry, "You would do that to your own son?"

I, again, answered, "You would hit your own mom?"

The end. A lesson was taught. Tolerant behavior. What is right, what is wrong. I can not control how life is going to treat my children or what they do to achieve happiness this lifetime. I can control and take VERY seriously my mother role. I want the best for them, consequences and all.

No regrets, all learning opportunities. The phrases we repeat to our children, impact how, who and what they become.
Don't we have numerous sayings that we've spoken over and over to our children? They're almost countless and truly PRICELESS. Our children are oddly defined by who WE are. Who we choose to be. It's a kid thing. You watch your parents and you know how to behave or how not to behave. Keeping up a appearances, walking the walk, talking the talk, is what a decent parent does. It's a NEED for healthy development in any child.
Move on.
Be nice.
Would you choose to do that if you saw me?
Respect is given, trust is earned.
I, your mother, love you more than anyone in this whole entire world; I deserve honesty, whether I like what I will hear or not.
I will ALWAYS love you.
You ARE a blessing.
Do or do not. There is no try.
'I can't' is not an option.
You are a good person.
You make your destiny.
Don't complain, CHANGE IT!
Find the funny.. in everything.
No regrets.
Learn. And if you don't the first time - it will be repeated for you until you do.
You are my everything.

By sharing with our young people, far too early (not yet an adult-cub of yours) experiences that are unhealthy, choices which possibly were dangerous, or past consequences - you roll the dice on how your child will process the information.
Again, once a child is an adult, little pieces can and do help your adult cub understand how life isn't fair, the result to choices, consequences for poor actions, etc.. Until adult-cub-hood, however this data is TOO MUCH for a naive mind. It just is. They feel like they're meant to disappoint, instructed to screw up, or worse yet, not capable or even motivated to be "good".. So sad.

Interesting it is then that Ms. C, I shall call her BROKE the law. Caused my child huge suffering and pain and yet I debate filing the complaint thus not getting her fired. I mull in my head what's right.
What's right is someone, especially an adult NOT HURTING AN INNOCENT CHILD!
Stupid B-word, I am so upset. She seriously can not think I won't do something or does she really believe she did nothing wrong, that her actions are justified because she felt she was protecting her child? What she did was ILLEGAL. She could be sued for heaven's sake. And yet, I sit, perplexed and calm-ish (LOL) trying to establish a true outcome from such a horrible experience.

Do I want it all taken away, erase the slate? Yeah, that would be nice. However, it is, what it is. My lil woman is smart enough and has enough back up and support she will get thru it. Now, to give her back something that was taken from her at such a young age - "There are lots of good people out there.." Wow, if a fellow mother sucks as a human being THAT badly, how do I give my wee girl back some of the faith lost that day?

Plea bargain, for an apology, face to face, with me present, in a location of my choosing.. Could this be the win/win my heart keeps searching for?

And why do people think they can f@ck with me? Because I am genuine and kind? Nice people just carry on carrying on without making a ruckus? Pfft, bull effing sh!t. Caring strong loving capable moms make things happen - and you probably don't wanna get on their "bad" side. Cos, the law - is - the law.


... *sucks it up*
And as a momma, I pick up the pieces, get out the ole glue stick called love and mend her heart, her feelings, her idea of what is and what isn't, back into one piece.

I share with her a good story about someone she loves. A true story that warms her again. This true account makes her see how it isn't always as it seems. That good hearts sometimes make mistakes. That a choice never needs to be regretted, but learned from. Despite factual information on a private system, she knows, she feels, she is apart of something most beautiful. That SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.
... *rolling down my eyes, cheeks, into my mouth and across my make up face.. tears, omg, so many tears* ...

My dear sweet beautiful baby girl, I love you so very much. I am sorry you have to go through this. I am apologizing for this unfortunate event. I hurt more than you will ever know ~ until one day when you become a mom. I would never want to take this occasion away from you, you have learned something valuable. A life lesson. And I know how hard it is, truly I do, my precious lil one. We have cried. We have forgiven. Let's move on, slowly, forward, together... I am here when you need me. I am around when you fall. My hugs are free. My love unconditional. My heart full :)

Wonder Grrr Woman xo

PS. I do not want comments on whether you agree or disagree with me and my thought choices. I am rambling and writing to figure it out - I DO NOT WANT HELP. It is my job. I am worthy. I am capable. I am willing and strong.
Your "feelings" or even logical conclusions based on facts and studies will "make me" delete you. Do NOT fluck with me.
You may, If you would please, hold my hand along this journey and I do thank YOU!

Passive inaction is a way towards taking some kind of action,
without the satisfaction of having acted :)

UPDATE: Waiting is a virtue; Christmas is upon us. And frankly I AM a better person than she, I will wait for this life lesson...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wow, Am I Pissed Off!

Tempo Fitness ~ Canadian Tire,

Stephen Wetmore , (he looks pretty happy with life - guess he didn't buy a treadmill from Canadian Tire, then get the shaft from Tempo Fitness, lucky guy...)

G. Michael Arnett, Glenn Butt, Patrick R. Sinnott,

I want to return for a full refund, my hunk of junk treadmill purchased last Jan 2010 at Canadian Tire.
- I have my receipt and users guide as well as the "tools" and "lube" that it came with. The box the treadmill came in, was recycled.

I bought the 611T Tempo treadmill (btw: it's interesting how you can't get into the Canadian Tire Review Page to submit your actual true to life account of the piece of crap..) because there wasn't a huge selection of treadmills left after Christmas last year. BIG mistake.

Approximately 3 weeks into using it, a bearing blew out. Thankfully a machine shop is nearby helped fix the disaster. I continued using it - even with all the loud racket it seemed to produce from day one. Headphones became my running indoor treadmill reality. Hind sight, is such a kick in the bottom...

I hadn't used my treadmill again (due to decent nice weather) until recently. And guess what? IT SUCKS! After being on today for HALF of my workout, "the smell" happened, then, NOTHING - DEAD STOP, NO POWER, KILLED!

Yes, I am emotional and VERY pissed off right now. I apologize and am not attacking anyone directly, except for whomever built this piece of crap!!!!!

It's true, I got it on sale. It's true, I paid little for it, and it's equally true it's not worth a single dollar of what I paid for it.

Now let me get all "emotional and off on a tangent for you for a bit"This is irrelevant to you, but I need to say it, so here it goes...
(light listening elevator music insert here...)

I have a treadmill to help me deal with life. TRUE.

I am not on medication for my heart, depression, or any other mind/body challenges.

Not 10 years ago I was 320lbs.
I changed my life.

Exercise is a NEED for me.

I can hop onto a treadmill, and be taken to the land of endorphins ~ where only my mind and body and spirit exist ~ where it's just me, allowing thoughts, ideas, stress to come and go...
It is essential I have a treadmill, especially THIS MONTH OF DECEMBER - I can't run without slipping outside, as well as the minus 20 weather really isn't fun in the dark (between work and life)..

I have worked in retail and customer service. Which is why I am telling you EXACTLY what I need to solve my problematic challenge today.

Do I return it to Canadian Tire East - Regina, SK - tomorrow for a full refund?
Do I return it to Canadian Tire East - Regina, SK for a new unit, effective immediately?
Do I sent it to you COD and YOU can issue me a NEW unit OR for a full refund?

This is what I NEED to happen.

I will forward this email to whomever I need to to get my point across.
I will not be taken advantage of, I will not stop until this has been resolved for me, and MY needs.

I await your reply, immediately.

Wonder Woman

I did send the email away with my "real" name and address :)
But just in case there is a perv out there reading this, I must protect the innocent ~ ME!
And my wonderful, not quite knowing how to stay out of my way today, loving family :)


Thank heavens for caring genuine friends and a loving trying to understand me family!

PS. Feel free to send this off to anyone who could make a difference and get me a freaking treadmill, SOON. And a new keyboard, I am pounding away...

And now I don't make sense, so I must go email away, until someone gets back to me...


Woohoo! Suzanne, you made my day - thank you :)