Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day - Hooray!

It's been a while, life goes on as it needs to and I get shuffled through the life I have created. Which in whole, is pretty decent :) thankfully.

I logged in to try to delete my blog but keep my account active; pffft, apparently this is beyond my scope of hormone induced frazzled brain, it's a syndrome now: HIFBS. I shall refer to it as the latter from now on in.

Since my last posting what have I been up to? Hmmm, a hell of a lot. So posting is quite similar to cleaning - where the hell does one begin? Or shall I simply plunge away right where I can and hopefully something reminiscent of a post happens?

Sure, let us go with the flow...of mushroom soup from a can ;)

Did Vegas for my 40th birthday, hubby couldn't make it, just five ladies for 5 days - and I did the Learn To Strip class - too much fun! Vegas it so huge in such a small space. I was confused to how it's too much of everything. I loved the lights and shows and food and selection. I did not enjoy the vast amounts of people, and ages it took to get from point A to Point B. I also had too much on my agenda as this became obvious only the second day after arriving. I think I will "do" Vegas again, once more. Just to see if it's perhaps a bit less stressful once you know what you're in for BEFORE you arrive. I am certain THIS makes a whole lot of difference :)

Started at the Parks, hoping to work in the office this year and it looks like a few days out of the week this might just happen - yay!

Worked the Taboo show, so NOT my place. Weird huh? I guess in a crowd of "normal" people I tend to stand out. In a group of freaks, I submit into myself, attempting not to give up anything from myself; including sales and talking. Mind you I sure can roll my eyes and look completely disgusted all while being introverted. I come equipped with some phenomenal defence mechanisms. Yay @ surviving!

Still enjoying facebook - wordscrapper is too much fun!

Bought a bathing suit online - 3rd shot in the dark (I feel for you guys, really I do). First was last years bathing suit from hell - which I gave to someone about half my size and double my height so that the high leg openings didn't actually reach the breast area.. a hilarious and disgusting adventure that was! My second attempt was earlier this year, a 2 piece. The top cups didn't fit - fricking, no shit, seriously... My third trial was a brilliant success, it's beautiful and it fits nicely! Both my youngest daughter and husband gave their thumbs up! AWESOME! Then I spotted yet another fun beach addition (like this but in zebra black n white) and ordered it this week - cross your fingers for me, I wanna be lucky. I wanna get lucky! I AM LUCKY!

Kids are all still home. Samantha got a job for after graduation. She will be a dental hygienist - whoop! Damon is going to attend UofR and will be moving out again. *silent happy dance* Logan, not sure what or if he has any plans currently. Wee Danny, suddenly grew up with breasts and all (damn growing up thing kids do) will be doing her teenage role, as she is putting on a pretty convincing role of it already. Wowza, parenting the hardest "thing" I have done and by far the most rewarding.

Ran the Regina Police Run, and made decent time. I had trouble with my breathing which was a bit alarming but I trudged through the 22.5kms and didn't feel like death afterwards. SCORE! I, however did feel death came a knocking yesterday at the Echo Road Race, I couldn't breathe worth shit (wheezing and dizziness) and had a terrible run, horrendous time, and a shitty ass feel after the fact. I went home, bathed, cried, cried some more, ate something my husband was so kind to prepare (all white egg omelet - my favorite) and then cried a bit more. I spent the rest of my day trying to figure out the reason for my stupid breathing challenges. I have recently started taking over the counter allergy medication for the EVERYTHING I seem to have grown allergic too. But it isn't helping enough. I believe I may actually need a puffer, as it was recommended about 5 years ago to me, by a doctor. I thought I had it under control. However, sadly, not being able to breathe REALLY is a stupid scary feeling. I have another run in June and want to be back to "normal". NO more shit runs for me, I pray.

I have set goals for the summer to keep up my running. A "fun run" a month should just about do it :)

Reading, love it. Cozy and snuggled in my bed without puppies or people is my all time winner! I can not express what a rejuvenating experience I get from this very simple act in my life.

Date nights/ date days are equally my most fun times! Seamus and I have seen several movies lately. Two worthy of mentioning: Ironman2, which I liked a lot, and Date Night, a fun cute movie!

Four kids, 2 girlfriends, 4 dogs, 1 husband, jobs(Parks and my aesthetic shop), sports,'s my life. A great life, it is :)


WW ;)