Monday, January 31, 2011


Mere moments after being brought into the world,
my heart,
once again,
knows what love is...

~Kayleigh Dee ~
Beautiful, adorable, precious, totally, undeniably in love, beyond any normal human emotion; my grand daughter is perfect!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Know What SHE Wants?

Let me issue you a reading assignment. A chick reading lesson, or a "real man's man" challenge ;)

Honest beans, the character, leading man in this novel beats his wife and I FELT FOR HIM. Yeah, I know. Fucking nuts.

The book, Outlander.

A sensational series, I am assured. I am on the second one. Purchased the third. And yet again, I begin to understand why men and women dance together...

How we aren't meant to understand each other all the time and forever, but to hold ultimate respect for one another is truly vital.

Vital for the relationship.
Detrimental for survival.
A need to outlast all other stimuli around us, a partnership.
Selfless Love.

A single man, a gentleman with a few extra minutes or just someone wanting to see how a "real" man behaves.. read away!

PS. Real man = fictional character; whoa, he's a little piece of why I LOVE being a woman. And reading these books remind me it's okay to be a chick, totally :)

Wonder Woman, mmmmm...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love is...

True Love.
Real Love.
Unconditional loving Love.
Withstanding ALL, Love.

Loving, something I do, knowing my heart may break. Totally incapable of not allowing love through, I love with my eyes squeezed tightly shut. Even more of a struggle, recognizing others & their love for me. A giant leap of faith. To empower - to struggle - is to gain the enveloping existence of.. being fully, aware and alive! Yes, this IS love.

A strapping young man, embracing me with all of his physical strength, allowing himself to be comforted by me, his mother, affirming what I can feel, "Mommy I love you."

A girl with tears in her eyes, mentioning how she wants to be as good of a mom as I was to her. As tears fall down her face, around her cute as a button nose, manages to squeaks out, "Thank you; I love you Mom."

A 6'4" son, rounding his lean slender body in for a hug, from his mom, me again, utters as gently as his arms embrace me, a soft, "I love you momma."

The little girl who throws darts at you through her stare after a confrontation, then a few hours later, passing you in the hall, tenderly reminds you, "Mom, I love ya."

My husband implying to me, expressing through words, how much he loves me.
"I love you a lot."~"I love you so much."~" I couldn't love you more."~"My honey I love you very much."

Several times a day.

A sleepy, going to work kiss and, "I love you lover."
A text during the day, "I LOVE YOU SO FRICKING MUCH!"
A home coming hug with an, "I love you very much."
To endless night time gestures and words.

Love expressed differently. Wording not the same; however equal. Love without expression, I couldn't imagine that world; I am apart of an utopia which I have created.
Gracious and saving.

Bless you all.

WW :)

PS. And food IS love.