Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Know What SHE Wants?

Let me issue you a reading assignment. A chick reading lesson, or a "real man's man" challenge ;)

Honest beans, the character, leading man in this novel beats his wife and I FELT FOR HIM. Yeah, I know. Fucking nuts.

The book, Outlander.

A sensational series, I am assured. I am on the second one. Purchased the third. And yet again, I begin to understand why men and women dance together...

How we aren't meant to understand each other all the time and forever, but to hold ultimate respect for one another is truly vital.

Vital for the relationship.
Detrimental for survival.
A need to outlast all other stimuli around us, a partnership.
Selfless Love.

A single man, a gentleman with a few extra minutes or just someone wanting to see how a "real" man behaves.. read away!

PS. Real man = fictional character; whoa, he's a little piece of why I LOVE being a woman. And reading these books remind me it's okay to be a chick, totally :)

Wonder Woman, mmmmm...


Double Minded Man said...

mmm, yeah... Bananas are healthy! They should be consumed often.

Wonder Woman said...

Use your banana like Jamie, and your fruitful endeavors shall be received graciously ;)