Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life According To WW - Wow

I almost forgot my password to enter this adult erotic zone! Crazy. Life is a busy, fulfilling one, as per usual :)

People on facebook have been keeping tabs on me, and I have been gently stalking them back. Facebook truly is a wondrous tool!

Some facebook status and fun moments:

  • Wonder Woman took the "What were you in a past life?" quiz and the result is You owned a bordello.
  • ...I don't wanna make excuses, but I was born 2 weeks premature, and I do remember hearing something about oxygen deprivation...
  • is eating ice cream right from the tub...
  • admits to knowing fully about her sugar addiction - mmmm icing :)
  • one word: Commando!!!!!!!
  • one word: Chafing!
  • ...if Harlan Coben would just meet my ridiculously high standards of quality reading I wouldn't be such a mess, with 5 books on the go, none satisfying my appetite! Blah.
  • is thinking "Belly Dancing" sounds like a lot of fun with a side twist of fitness too! Who's in with me... Alice begins classes NEXT Sunday!
  • demands instant gratification, dangit!
  • wants to thank her husband for his quiet temperament when she is mental with hormones - I LOVE YOU SEAMUS!
  • chocolate donut, chocolate milk, 9pm = a supper fit for a goddess!

See everything is pretty much the same in the world according to Wonder Woman :)

Speaking of which, sex is fun huh? VERY satisfying. I will be working the Taboo Sex Show this year in Regina, selling marital aids ;) Now, seriously, could my existence be more fun? I thought not!

However, we all have goals, my goals for today include a run and a coffee date with a lovely friend. Yeah, that's it. My goals are being put on hold as I eat a creation I prepared this morning, and drink a coffee and listen to CSI in the background. Flashing lights and sparkles will also divert my attentions momentarily.

So about bikes, I haven't been on mine for a year. This summer I will ride my bike more :)

On the Brita water jug is a button to press, this button ensures you change your filter regularly. I have now pressed it thrice and I can't taste a difference in the water. I wonder how many times I CAN press it. Money making Enterprise!

Tomorrow is my last day at the ski hill. *contains enthusiasm heartily*

I depart for Vegas, after the Sex Show in late April - SO excited for that adventure!

And then the Parks job begins in May.

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!... Lala how the life goes on...

PS. Looked in the mirror and realized I still have toothpaste on my blemishes from last night! Too funny...Life is just a bowl of cherries, eh!