Saturday, December 25, 2010

Family = Christmas

Love & Hugs,
xo xo xo


capper said...

Oh, ya, Merry Kiss My Ass to you too, dere.

My, but you Canadians are some lovely lasses.

Wonder Woman said...


I am glad you at least have some of your senses ;)

Tee hee hee..

capper said...

I have all my senses but one: common. :^)

Doom said...

I just figured out you left a return address, looked into it, and decided to leave a late but Merry Christmas and a wish for a Happy New Year! You are now and official earbug, or something, too. Cheers!

Wonder Woman said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all :)

Life is a fabulous ride. And if we don't have the downs how will we know when we have not been sacked in the bag, or so to speak, right?

WW xo

Desert Cat said...

Not an ugly one in the bunch. Congratulations! And glad to hear it was indeed a merry Christmas for you.

That must be you with the cheesy grin in back on the left?

Happy New Year (a day early)!

Wonder Woman said...

CHEESY? Pfft, it's how I smile dangit! Okay, maybe a bit ;)

Merry New Year!

Double Minded Man said...

So is Kanuckistan where all the babes are? Its really not all that far to the border for me (o=

Wonder Woman said...

But we never let you leave once you arrive.
We're like a cult :)


Double Minded Man said...

Spend the rest of your days surrounded by babes? There are worse fates than that to be sure!

Wonder Woman said...

Your "parts" get sore a lot and you put up with us being nevertheless "woman like" at least once a month ;)

Seamus says it's worth it, but sometimes I wonder .. poor fella!