Monday, November 30, 2009

Duh, I Remember Now!

I was going through a few blogs and it hit me like a knife in the neck! People are fecking retards, for the most part.

Dear God, please grant me patience when dealing with retards.

Whew, glad I had someone to ask for help.


WW ;)


capper said...

Hey now, I resemble that remark!

Er, I mean I resent that fact!

Oh, bother.

Wonder Woman said...

Aw, Winnie or should I call you Pooh?!
I definitely won't call you retard. Cos, you're not silly nilly willy!
Have a great one - it snowed here again, finally, it's gorgeous!!!!!

Double Minded Man said...

That might be my favorite Wonder Woman yet

Pablo said...

I deal with such people all the time.
Or is it that they're the ones dealing with me..?
That would make more sense statisticaly, wouldn't it?

I better go put on my protective headgear.

Roland said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

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