Friday, November 20, 2009

Hanging Around

Beginning of December add for paper...


The Dee Spot
Esthetics Specialist
in Kitty's Beauty Parlour
141 Company Avenue
... is renaming Saturday to, "Pierce A Part" day, in December!
Any part!
$5.00 off all body-face/ear/nose piercings!
Yes, you understood correct, ANY part ;)
Book your appointment: 332 - 2555
(Photo Id Required - Anyone under 16 will require a parent or guardian signature)
The more time at home not feeling well, the more my mind needs something to do, so I create! And, oooooh it's fun ;-) Yeah, and it gives my fingers a break!


Roland said...

Hope you feel better. :)

Wonder Woman said...

Thanks, I am about 300% better feeling so far this week.
I did do a 10km run yesterday and it wiped me out for the day, sooooo I will try to not jump right back in and continue life like I wasn't sick. Instead, I will jump in and float a bit before getting right to it all :)

Doorman-Priest said...

I'm just working through the idea of the D Spot!

Anonymous said...

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