Monday, March 2, 2009

My Gift To You and You and You and Yes, Even YOU!

Where oh where to begin...
Let's try here, with this book!

Author: Harlan Coben

Books: The Myron Bolitar Series

Where to Begin:

DEAL BREAKER - 1st Myron Bolitar Novel

DROP SHOT - 2nd Myron Bolitar Novel

FADE AWAY - 3rd Myron Bolitar Novel

BACK SPIN - 4th Myron Bolitar Novel

ONE FALSE MOVE - 5th Myron Bolitar Novel

THE FINAL DETAIL - 6th Myron Bolitar Novel

DARKEST FEAR - 7th Myron Bolitar Novel

LONG LOST - 8th Harlan’s new Myron Bolitar novel. Available March 31, 2009.

Type: Mystery/Comedy/Awesomeness ;-)

What to expect: Greatness, okay perhaps I'm a bit over the top. But seriously, I don't think I am. This series of reading material is just such a joy! A mystery. Lovable characters. Wit. Sarcasm. Intelligence with a quick humour aspect.

Myron is an ex-pro athlete, now sports agent. His favorite beverage is Yoo-Hoo. His best friends are an ex wrestler and psychotic friend whom I think I'm imaginarily (my word) in love with :) He is a mommy's boy. A man in his thirties, just figuring out who he is through his involvement in some pretty risky "murder/mystery/adventures".

I could never do the books justice, trust me, just this once, you will NOT be lead astray. Promise!

Comment: I have never read more than a few books from any said author, perhaps three tops the list. ALL these "Myron Bolitar" books were truly a fun imaginary trip beyond what I have ever expected in any author.

As I've mentioned before, I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, etc... reading is how I escape and regroup. I was recommended these books by no one less than, MY MOTHER. And reading the last book was almost like "coming clean". I knew it was the last book, at least until the end of March and I just didn't ever want it to end.

I have now begun a few light reads (yes, I seemingly am let down by other authors NOW), removing myself from my addiction to Harlan Coben's awesome wit and writings. I will require strength from you all. March just might be the longest month imaginable... Better stock up on chocolate!


I've been ruined for any other author... the shame, the guilt and pure adulterated ecstasy of finding such joy and hell, I'm not even menopausal yet! WOO HOO!


WW :)