Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bite Me!

My sexy, funnily, shocked, over smiling, goofy face!

A special post for my husband:

Bite me!

A little nibble?

I dare you...

Puhlease :)

With Love - your forever horny (and apparently classy) wife,

WW :)


Something Feral said...

Now I understand the emoticon-addiction!

It suits you, though, and it's a nice smile. Keep it up. :)

Doorman-Priest said...

Well, I will if he won't!

Michael Maier said...

What happened to the blondeness?

Wonder Woman said...

Uh yeah, don't get me started on the hair colour.
I prefer blonde, my natural colour is blonde.
However, I get these crazy ideas about needing change...

Someone shoot me.

My hair, btw, is now a flame red. And My husband is amazing. After seeing my new hair colour, he simply smiled and kissed my cheek.
He's definitely a keeper :)

Blonde, IS NEXT!!!!!!!

Michael Maier said...

I'm so glad I'm a man. My hair is ignored until it's itchy. Then I wash it and ignore it for a few more days.

Of course, this MIGHT help to explain my single-ness!

Wonder Woman said...

Hmmmm, it could indeed. Showers, washing of hair - what's left of it ;-) and looking snazzy is all part of the luring so that your single-ness becomes one-ness ;-)

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