Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sixteen Candles - SLEEPS!

In sixteen sleeps, I will have completed, yet another, mind bending, world shattering, GOAL!

Okay, not so much news worthy for anyone but me, my mind and my body :)

Over the past 11 weeks I have been totally pissed off at this "stupid goal". I have cried. I have pushed myself harder than thought imaginable. I allowed no mercy to take place.

And then..I added, onto the 30 lbs 'to lose' goal and 30 km run.. 100 BURPEES daily, for 100 days..

Some days, a lot of days, I wanted to just curl up and suck my thumb, rock back n forth and hum alone, to myself, quietly as I sobbed.

But. I didn't. Cos I am, Wonder Woman!
Uh, perhaps I did, but I am certain there wasn't any video or anything incriminating! Ha!

Consequently and rather shockingly (men, don't like to see their wives sad - uncomfortable - upset, they like to 'fix' it) my husband became my greatest supporter and fan. I really believed he would tell me to 'stop it', 'he loves me for me', blah, blah, blah - which, I knew already; three times a charm, duh.

Convincingly, he gave me the edge I needed. Joined up to do 100 BURPEES for 100 days, WITH me! ****When I roll, literally, out of bed at 4:30am, he smiles and tells me how amazing I am.
When travel to the city for Muay Thai class at night ( I made it to the advanced class - yaya!) each night he comments on my progress and awesomeness - btw, he uses that word! Ending our journey, together, for another day, before I slip into my 5 hour coma, he strokes my hair, expressing how much he loves me, how proud he is of me..

I guess, really. How could I go wrong with such AWESOME support?

Now don't go all woman lib on me. I would do this with or without a man. I am just uber grateful for having Seamus, IE: Thor, holding my hand - helping me up - when needed.
My kids are trying to figure it all out. Apparently they were young enough when I was HUGE and losing they don't recall that beginning episodes to awesomeness as vividly as myself. They are aware, absolutely, of my choices effecting the outcome of my successes. Physical activity is apart of each of their individual lives. They get THAT part. However... Can you even begin to comprehend how hard it is to turn down a Moolatte from Dairy Queen, from your eldest visiting son, who thought he was making his momma's day, gifting her with ice cream, HER ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE food?

It's all about learning. It's about my mind becoming stronger.
Purpose and direction.
Courage and vulnerability.
Desire and strength.

Now, with all that rambling, I STILL HAVE WORK TO DO!

I will accept any friendly thoughts, prayers and I thank you for them ALL!

Wonder Why..

UPDATE: Today, just mere moments ago, that same cute-head-man-cub of a son, took me for lunch, a salad :)
Thank you Boy Wonder, Momma loves you T-H-I-S much!


Doom said...

Hey! I'm with you in spirit. If I honestly could simply function, I would be active right now too! I see kids sitting around and I tell them, if they miss the opportunity to "do", they are fools! What I wouldn't give to take hikes, go for a swim, canoe or otherwise paddle some type of boat, or a thousand other things. And, to be fair, when I could? I saw the world. Little bits so remarkable only a handful of eyes have gazed on them, hikes through plateaus and mountains, paddling just because, socializing and romancing, I even sailed under the seas! It infuriates me to see people who can but won't.

Cry all you need. I remember getting up past benching 400 (eventually got to 550 or more). And, I'll be honest, there were days where I cried. It hurts, but pain is good on two fronts. It makes you stronger and... it means you are still alive! Woot! Go get em', tiger. And no worries here. I am still plotting a return to my throne!

Should I meet a woman, I will try to get her to help me, and herself. Sometimes, if she can bundle me up and get me going when I fail, I can do more. Get me to the pool, somehow, three times a week. If she does that she would be impressed (plus, she would then be there). You are a lucky woman and have a lucky man.

Oh, for my part, and concerning all men? Sorry about that fix-it-ticket thing we have. :p It's our dang job?!? Problem? Fix! Ugh. :)

Wonder Woman said...

Problems need to be solved, it's just I prefer learning MY lessons MY way :)

I'm kinda a bitch like that!


Doom, stay classy little fella!

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