Monday, June 11, 2012

Muay Thai Nationals - June, 2012!

This past weekend, my youngest doll face, hubby and I made a ROAD TRIP to Calgary, AB to support our gym & The Fight Team! It was pretty low key, with a minor in tow. Making the experience all the more wonderful.

Baby Sparkle is completely pumped and totally wants to try out for the Fight Team, as does my better half. HOLY COW BATMAN!

Ugh, one goal that is TOTALLY NOT MINE OR FOR ME! I will be eating a cookie, cheering loudly, from the sidelines. And THAT thought feels heavenly!

We will have our very own fight club, TEAM SPARKLE, come the fall; they have decided to make the rigorous training schedule their goal! AWESOME!

I swell with pride, then giggle at the word -swell-...

Until I feel the need be blabber, again,


Wonder Woman said...

Continues to giggle...

SR lakshmi said...

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