Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Bliss

Above: Kayleigh watching the puppies & smiling for Nana :)

Self realization:

My life is about being a Goddess/Wife/Mother/Nana..
And the rest really isn't worth mentioning :P

Below: Kayleigh loving Tito, she has the most awesome giggles!

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Doom said...

Such little wonders. I am always... amazed at them, the good and the not so pleasing. The latter serves us right. :)

I wanted to thank you, by the way. I heard a song, About to Happen, by Siouxsie and the Banshees (if you want to see the video on YouTube just search it). That song somehow made everything you and some other women have said make perfect sense. It brought you to mind, specifically.

I have taken control of my medicine and life. I have made my bed, brushed my teeth, worked out (just what I am sure I can do but slowly increasing) morning and night, I have completely restored my home to how my mother left it, along with taking my medicine as much as I can but on time and every day, going back to Church (Catholic, so Masses several times a week), am joining the Knights and volunteering for a few other things at Church, and visiting my shut in friend several times a week. I wanted to thank you. I don't think the song would have been enough.

As far as being a part of life, the lives of others? If that is all you are then you are very much. And yet, somehow, I doubt that is the whole of you. Blessings.