Sunday, April 4, 2010

Marital Aids!

Just for you Erik;
I have your back bro.
You asked, I shall show you...

WW ;)


Double Minded Man said...

Looks like some fun stuff! You should go on a pole dancing crash course and set one of those up at the show and convince people to buy em (o=

If I ever have a woman in my life again I shall have to remember to buy "marital aids" from ya

Wonder Woman said...

LOL From my friend Melanie :)

I am just helping her out at the Taboo Show ;) Cos, I'm nice like that!

It IS fun stuff; fun marriages are hard to come by!

Glad you enjoyed!!

Michael Maier said...

Body Butter? Interestingggggg.... mmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

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