Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yowza, it's been a while, eh?

Not even snowed in, yet ;)

I've been a busy honey bee, lemme tell ya!

I have all four children back at home plus an extra (she was kicked out of her home and heck, why not?) as well as four large dogs (yes, four - three is town bylaw, but we refer to the fourth pup as a "constant visitor") and two parental figures (I am one of those, loooook out ;-) Oh, also the little extra woman child figure came with 2 bunnies and 2 chinchillas!

We live is a small bungalow, and I couldn't be happier, MOST days :) I believe we really need to create another bathroom tho. It's my only true annoyance. If ya wanna call it that. And, I can live without another bathroom. BUT, if my fairy godmother asked me, I'd ask for it!

My second jobs, have now come to an end, as they were seasonal.

I have applied to be an Education Assistant at the elementary school on top of keeping my esthetics's business open. People don't really care so much about pretty toes and waxing (furry winter Sasquatches) during our 9-10 months of winter in the Great White North ;)

Starting up fall fitness classes, again. This session Seamus my handsome honey, is going to tag team me in an hour & a half of pure "BLISS"! Some women are already commenting on facebook how "scared" they are. If it doesn't kill ya *evil twinkle in eye*...

Poor buggers, muahahahaha!!!

This week has been slow, relaxed and very quiet. How unusual and enjoyable! Getting kids off to school, others to work, making suppers, doing my running during work hours (waaaay less traffic from 9-11am), having a bath and not having to rush in the shower... I could get used to this luxury indeed-d-dee!

Real life, I can feel, is right around the corner, so I am going to take a few deep breathes and enjoy what I have while I have it.



Stay Classy My Blogging Buddies,


to be continued!


Anonymous said...

welcome your blog.

Wonder Woman said...

Well, thank you!

It's great to be back?

It's great to breathe a little, enjoy the days doing what I like to do:(don't tell my husband)
dishes, meals, laundry, being at home for the kidlettes, a mid am run, etc...
When you work, especially a lot, those daily tasks become just another "thing" that has to get done and I rebel a lot.

Hard to imagine, me, rebeling I know ;-)


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