Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Nice Big... Bonus!


Yup, still alive.

Thriving, busy, enjoying life :)

So much to say/ nothing much to tell...

Fall, sneaks in soon enough, hold on!

Until then, a quickie!

Client and dear friend bought for me, candy nipple tassels. Uh huh, yes, exactly!

Funny shit, really.

That night, put them on, surprised hubby...

And he "liked" them ;-)


Men, so focused on simple naked boobs.

I LOVE THAT! I love him, for being like that!

Snip Snap Snout,

I'm - OUT!

WW ;)



Michael Maier said...

How did they stay on?

Pablo said...

Glad to hear you're still kickin' around!

Anonymous said...

How did they stay on?

I am guessing they don't...for long.

Wonder Woman said...

Actually there is this sticky backing that LITERALLY tears off part of your nipples when removed...
Everything has a downfall, I suppose...
Hubby said with enough sweat they should slide off...
Laying as a goddess does, on my back, legs in the air, I don't tend to break a big sweat ;-)
WW :)

Erik said...

WW, its called Cowgirl. That should do it for removing those tassles painlessly. Oh, and there is baby oil too.

Michael Maier said...

Yeah...I think I would have suggested testing that by yourself BEFORE engaging your husband.


Although, I think it would be awfully fun making my wife sweat... true labour of love.

Wonder Woman said...

Erik, YYYYEEEE HAWWWWWWW! Thanks for naming it ;-)

Mike, I'm simple a blonde by mere roots alone...

F*cking, sex... WITH love, is ALL good!

Giddy Up,
WW ;)

Doorman-Priest said...

"Yup, still alive."

Was wonderin'

Michael Maier said...

Re-reading this is giving me nasty thoughts... ummmmmmm... nasty thoughts..... (droooooooolllll)

Erik said...

Everything okay up in the great frozen tundra? Been like 7 weeks now. Didja get snowed in?

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