Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Botox - Idea!

Regulated Botox injections, hmmm...

They say a "medical" esthetician can administer Botox. I look up "medical" esthetician, and they lump this "term" with esthetician. So, can I administer Botox legally in Saskatchewan being a mere esthetician minus the medical status?

I understand I would need a course, education, on hands training, etc. However, am I deemed worthy enough to prick people up?

Suggestions? Advice? Knowledge?

Enlighten away,
WW :)


Pablo said...

I'd ask someone who would know, like a doctor or a pharmacist. Don't risk it without knowing what the law allows you to do.

Janice said...

A very wise decision, we should always be aware of who we are dealing with, specially when it comes to our personal appearance.
I can still remember when I had Dallas Botox, I asked so many question, but they answered me politely and with confidence that they knew what they were doing, that I why I entrusted them to do facial care on me.

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