Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tip Of The Day

Lower Back Challenges

Lower back muscles have been given the short end of the stick *wink* in fitness . However, without proper specific back exercises our lower backs aren't going to get any stronger.
Weird eh?

Not really. Muscles work because we work our muscles. A winning combination. If we work a certain muscle/group on a regular basis, it adapts and gets stronger. Muscles work together :)

As an example let us refer to your abdominal muscles. If your tummy muscles are loose not being maintained there is a good chance that the opposing muscles, your lower back muscles, will be weak as well. Conclusion seems to be a flabby midsection with a side of lower back issues.

Ugh, who wants that?

The Tip Of The Day: Superchick/Superman Exercise!

For even more fun, try this on a stability ball!

Just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to maintaining a healthy back. Remember if you use it you won't loose it. And our backs, well, they help us do some of the most amazing "workouts" around. You so know what I mean ;-)



Jennybean said...

great tip!

Pronto said...

i know what you mean, really.

and i agree, the tip is nice....

~Jobthingy~ said...

thanks.. i need this. since starting my new job the back is killing me.. its been years sincei have done an on the feet job. its always been in a cushy chair slurping latte's and eating fatty pastries (and i wonder why the gas tank for the love machine grew)