Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My day began with a sinus head achy thing. I took some sinus head achy medication. My head began to throb. I took some head throb (migraine) medication. I felt better.

My daughter, NOT getting up for school after countless (just being lazy I could probably count 1,2,3,4-scream,5) times being asked to get up and get ready for school as she was going to be late. Not too late, but late enough. AND THEN she mentions not being able to find her binder. So, we looked and looked, searched, did some deep breathing, looked more, again - UGH!

This is the exact note I sent with her this morning :)


Dear Oh Enlightened One,

We (Monkey Bum and I) have been frantically searching our home for her binder. Alas, I have come to the conclusions that A) it really has disappeared B) we have little trickster munchkins living in our home who seem to be playing a joke on us C) she left it at her friends on Friday after school D) we have not looked hard enough.

I apologize for her tardiness.

Thank you and HAVE A GREAT DAY!


Yeah, I'm this odd, FOR REAL.

Wishing for you all a non retarded brain damage less day!

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