Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thoughts Of A Wogger!

Once Upon A Time:

There was a little girl who just knew she was going to change the world. As she grew, she did indeed change, bringing forth the inevitable, changing of the world.

She evolved, "her" world affected by this evolution. Her innocence effected others beliefs, thoughts and ideals; therefore changing THE world.

This little girl became a woman and this woman continued her quest until she became very tired, drained and completely dried up of emotion. Now a woman, she logically felt she couldn't change THE world, however she could affect "her" world until she became stronger again.

She did this by realizing how life is about one main vein or avenue, your attitude. She, of course knew this all along. But for some reason or another it really hit her hard one morning; her thoughts and beliefs formed her existence. Perhaps her perception was a big part of the deception; however if that was the case, she felt WE ALL SUFFER from this. With her attitude counting on her and only her she admired her puppies.

They greeted her like they hadn't seen her in years, they were always beyond happy to spend time with her, they were ever so grateful for a simple pleasure such as a walk. She began to see, the sunshine a bit brighter, possibly this alone had opened her eyes...

Moral of this story:

Watch out for a middle aged woman who greets you by jumping up on you, licking your face and enthusiastically yelling how happy she is to see you!

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Pronto said...


i always watch out for middle-aged women who could possibly greet me by jumping on me and licking my face enthusiastically.

it's actually a hobby, albiet somewhat unfulfilled so far....