Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fitness Tip of the Day!

"80% is simply just showing up!"
Now, get that lazy ass out the door and you're already an A student in any fitness class! Once you're there the other people, friendly faces, torture inducing instructor, endorphins, satisfaction factor all kick in. Allowing pretty much any lame ass to get at least an A+.
I KNOW you can do it!
Over and Out, Up and Down, In and Around...
Now gimme 20 MORE!!!!!
WW ;)


Christina said...


And that first 80% is SO hard to do...

Marvy said...

I was so totally coming to class today, that is until I left work early because I was feeling like crap. Dangit and I was looking forward to your unusually enjoyable torture session!!!

Wonder Woman said...

BOOT CAMP, you missed it, and you're upset over it?

You're really not well huh?

Hope you feel better SOON kiddo!

Roci said...

strangely enough, that is also my strategy for winning in Iraq.