Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Graduation Pictures!

Oh my, good thing they're cute like cute things!

Fabulous Four!

Big D with his Sisters

Big D with his younger Bro...

Here it is folks, my wonderful, talented, clever, and most cute family!


V said...

Cool pics and thanks for stopping by my blog! I once was Wonder Woman for Halloween, but looks like you're doing an excellent job now. ;)

Pablo said...

Can't believe how grown up the kids are!
(this is the part where you say you had the first one at the age of 10).

Wonder Woman said...

I had a client ask me if I'd had my first child at 6 years of age...she couldn't believe I have an 18 almost 19 year old!

Even if she was just flattering me, I'll take it - any way I can ;)

Woohoo @ my mind going...south, again.

So, this is where I say - THANKS MAN :)

Doom said...

Wonder Woman,

Wow, nice family. They look happy too. Congratulations.

I finally remembered to visit. And, I'll read more before depositing any of my foolishness, but this one was easy.