Wednesday, May 9, 2007

To register or not to register?

Okay, so the thing is we didn't anticipate people wanting to give us gifts for our wedding ceremony. Truly, this isn't a first for either of us and we really didn't expect people's generosity. I keep getting asked where we've registered. We haven't. Anywhere.


Options to this (less than horrific) dilemma:
1 - Get what we get, whether we need it or not.
2 - Do the registry thing somewhere (fun - love shop, funny & practical - Walmart, practical & useful - Home Depot)?

Option 1 is nice as it requires less work now, however, future garage sales might be a bugger ;)

Option 2 is also keen, it does require some man time picking out stuff. Option 2 seems almost rude to me. A wish list, like Christmas, kinda weird.

What to do, what to do...


Roland said...

I'm like the owl on the right in the photo below. When are you getting married? And belatedly, "Congratulations!"

Anonymous said...

We didn't register when we got married....holy moly, that's almost 16 years ago already! Neither of us had much so everything we got was wonderful, and hasn't ended up in a garage sale yet!

Wonder Woman said...

Thank you, belatedly ;)