Thursday, March 1, 2007

" Wonder Woman - A personal friend, hilarious to be around, brutally frank about her all-time favorite activity (ahem...), and her sense of humour and wonder are contagious. We should all have at least one crazy friend like her! (speaking of which, we need to do coffee sometime soon, chickie)."

  • I was a part of a topic, "Female bloggers I like". I guess I'm liked, VERY cool indeed. Who doesn't like to be liked right? Interestingly enough I don't find myself "crazy" at all - words from a looney, how shocking!

  • I was doing the ever popular task of washing dishes this morning, thinking, wondering, reflecting on who I am, how I appear to be to others, what I need from other people in my life. These are my, in order/random/perhaps baffling/uncut/offensive to some/true thoughts:

  1. I love sex, a lot. I think about it, I want it, I do it, I enjoy it, I love sex, (you guess it) a lot!
  2. Am I too open about this? Naw, they wouldn't listen OR ask if they really didn't care. OR the people I choose to be around would choose not to be around me - I'm a rare "thing"...
  3. *insert laughter here*
  4. I do talk about sex a bit... Yesterday, after fitness class, with a few women, we shared ;) Women comfortable with themselves, life and other women are so damn amazing to be upfront and personal with. Man, I love my morning class chickies!
  5. Betty, what a fabulous babe of a human goddessness. So caring, beautiful, genuine, kind-hearted, giving, patient - thank you for blessing her in my life, AMEN!
  6. My dog has an outstanding vertical jump, nearly clears the fence, damn...
  7. BRUCE!
  8. Who hasn't looked at porn ever? Especially on the computer, riiiight - as holy as my "lucky" thong, pffft.
  9. I ponder if perhaps I'm just TOO honest.
  10. Can one be TOO honest? Does one have to be TOO honest? Why not be TOO honest - exactly!
  11. Honestly, TOO much of it makes others feel uncomfortable.
  12. Uncomfortable like a too small thong made from horse hair I bet :)
  13. Horse porn, I have never seen, thankfully - yuck.
  14. Body hair, unless you have a grand need for body floss, why have it. Shave it, be smooth, mmm...
  15. Masturbation, a woman's best friend.
  16. Whoa, disturbed a few with that comment, no doubt :-P
  17. Must get to the gym today for a run...
  18. So much snow, snowflakes are God's beauty for us to share. Has everyone taken a single flake and inspected it closely - really looked at and seen how fantastic a single snowflake is?
  19. Other than being cold, snow that is, for the most part it's ..
  20. *a few tears inserted here*
  21. Okay, I have procrastinated long enough, time to get sweaty!
  • Maybe it's good to remember that it IS great that we are all different, some a bit less stable while others are just a tad more delusional. This is how we were created to be - a rainbow, a snowflake, a human being... so much the same as the one before, yet looking closely (if you dare) to become apart of each wonderfully blissful experience fully, for what it is meant to be...

  • Thanks Pabsters ( Evel Squirrel's ATTITUDE CENTRAL ) for all the kindness in your written words. I agree, everyone needs someone JUST like me, "hilarious, brutally frank, crazy sense of humour and wonder" ;)

  • Oh Yeah!

  • Salut!


Pablo said...

I can honestly say you're a real joy to be around, Dee. So many people walk around with little rain clouds above their head. You always liven up the place in a very positive way, and I've always enjoyed that. And just to be clear: YOU ARE INDEED CRAZY. It's part of your charm so don't worry about it!

Wonder Woman said...


Another nice comment. I might get used to out!

Crazy btw can be defined differently depending on the person's individual perspective.