Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Over the Years

  • We met the summer of 2003, and became instant "flakey" friends.

  • The Year - 2004

  • Understanding each other, appreciating time together, while remaining good friends followed.

  • The year - 2005
  • Loving each other, as we needed to be loved - our goal.

The year - 2006

  • Genuine caring, a deep appreciation for each other as complete whole individuals, loving one another, being great friends.

  • Never needing, rather wanting and choosing to be together - Look out 2007!


Roland said...

It is good to have friends.

Wonder Woman said...

SHREK FLASHBACK - Ya gotta have friends...

Whoa, I never realized until JUST NOW how similar I am to the donkey on Shrek. How is that possible?

Such an ass :)