Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Matter of Opinion

You see, my opinion matters very little to anyone but me. It's required to aid my journey through life, as does that rumble in the pit of my belly. My words, thoughts, view points and objectives do not determine who I am rather they join forces with me, giving me the most bang for my buck, so to speak :)

I do not intend to perceive I'm more or less than anyone else. I'm just me. I like me; I like that about me.

I also have a difficult time with people who speak ill of so many others. Opinions, yeah they can come in handy, if asked about. However, we so freely give out an opinion without even regarding whether or not it's been asked for. Too bad society has come to think they know what is best for everyone else.

It's also too bad "news" is more about the negative. I dare a paper to come out with their heading in a positive manner every edition, for a year. Pffft, they couldn't do it. Could you?

I'm really too old, too tired and too caught up with making a fun, happy, smiling, laughter filled life to read about:

How evil women are.

Politics and why YOU could do better.

What bastards men are.

How police are deadly creatures imposing force upon unsuspecting, innocent people.

Why the stock market, PLUNGES to all time low.

Racism, white is the new black

In small doses, yes, reality is needed. As an obsession almost an OCD type rant is something I really don't want to, nor need to engage myself in. Especially, daily.

I'm a woman. I like fluffy, cuddly, nice thoughts. I've been plopped right into a life, living it isn't always a rose coloured sunglasses experience.

And so, I've decided, I'm in the middle of life right now. If you'd like to, please leave me a message. I wish you nothing but the most happiness :)

Thank you, come again!



Something Feral said...

There's a reason for Caturday at my blog; if it wasn't there, I'm not sure I could continue writing, as things look increasingly bleak (and Caturday has been correspondingly cuter).

We have some fundamental problems with perspective down here, and it's going to get worse before we have to deal with our misconceptions about what brings happiness and well-being to our lives.

All I want is a quiet place to raise a family the in the ways that I was raised, with minimal interference from do-gooders and bureaucrats. That's all. It's nice to think about, but it seems to be getting more distant with each passing day, and there's something fundamentally wrong with something that simple being increasingly unattainable.

Wonder Woman said...

Unattainable, I really hope not.

KISS - Keep it simple silly. I agree wholeheartedly!

March has been a month with too much "thinking" not enough doing. My mind is in overdrive. I am not sleeping well for 5 out of the 7 nights. And seriously all I really need is...

Love, laughter, acceptance, appreciation, smiles, gentle touches, and tender hugs.

That has to be enough to get outta the funk I feel I'm currently fighting through.

And perhaps a few bubbles wouldn't hurt!

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