Saturday, October 4, 2008

EXTRA, EXTRA Read All About it!

Esthetics Slows Down

I don't get it, perhaps Saskatchewan women enjoy being furry those 9 out of 12 months of the year. Or quite possibly their feet can scrape bed sheets into confetti every season other than summer no questions asked. Summer now that's a funny name for a season which typically is ONLY June/July/August.

Why is "body maintenance" only primary during the warmer weather months?

Like it or Love it:
  • I detest gel finger nails, doing them MORE SO.

  • I have began to embark on enjoying zee acrylic nails much more...

  • Manicures, not to burst any one's bubble on this one but it would take some kinda 'special' not to be able to give decent hand/finger service - job :)

  • Waxing, I'm neurotic and anal enough to do well at this service.

  • Pedicures are my specialty.
I quote, "I had one of her pedicures and I swear it was better than sex!"

Whoa, I don't know who you're sleeping with but, ahem, almost as good as sex, yeah I can live with that :) I have a few clients from as far away as California that actually have cottages around these parts that come by each summer for their annual services.

Hmmm, I will need to seriously look at what I am to do in the form of a job for the remaining months, September to May!

October List Of Shit To Get Done - FINALLY!
  1. Make an appointment with a doctor and follow it up until reoccurring problem has been eradicated!
  2. Make an appointment at the Women's Center for THAT kind of appointment; 12 going on 13 years is too long, oops!
  3. Go to scheduled chiropractic appointment - no excuses.
  4. Set up massage appointments to get my should back into winning action. NOTE TO SELF: No more falling down stairs, or off bikes when mountain biking, dammit!
  5. Have tooth pulled, yeeeeouch :(
  6. Do your darn nails woman - what are you, a construction worker? Sheesh!
  7. Read some more...
  8. Keep smiling.
  9. Laugh until I cry!
  10. Enjoy, everything I've been given!

PS. The last few are the easy ones, mostly ;-)

PPS. What I would do with 1 million dollars for the remainder of 2008:
  • Pay for my kids schooling. They work so darn hard, I would like to alleviate some financial stress for them and have that cost covered - I would expect GREAT successes!
  • Fix up the ole homestead, aka: shack. It's no real surprise to anyone, but I really am not fond of landscaping, home repairs, or even that continual keeping up of the home. Ugh - pay someone to do everything that needs to be done!
  • Plan a simple yet wonderful winter vacation!
  • Firstly, I would make that plastic surgeon's appointment and have these long hanging tube socks, cut, retied and filled up again.
  • Truly, I would like a few lines less noticeable. Yes, seriously, SUCK IT UP, it's my face :)
  • I would also like some lipo done on my thighs. Since having the skin removed around my tummy from my weight loss, my thighs seem bigger... like hiding pigs rolled in blankets big. LOL
Ah, sweet glorious vanity ;-)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the way home,

WW :)

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