Friday, September 26, 2008

Are You a People Pleaser?

A Giver and a Taker

Looking out for number one is often your motto. You have very few symptoms of the "Disease to Please"! It's not that you disregard others' feelings -- you just make sure that your own needs are met first. If someone has to sacrifice, it most likely won't be you! Looking out for yourself is definitely important, and you do it well. Speaking the truth and enjoying yourself to the fullest reveal a sense of self-confidence. But make sure that your confidence doesn't stray into cockiness. Look out for yourself, but don't neglect others in the process. It's clear that you are willing to compromise, which is a necessary component of any healthy relationship. So, continue to take care of you - but make sure that you fit other people into your list of "things to think about."
  • Hmmm, I believe perhaps the analysis on how I answered the provided questions are relevant regarding one's age more so than anything else. As you mature you change, as you change you make the inevitable - different choices.

With age brings... elongated tits!

  • I was a definite people pleaser in the past, often due to fear.

I'm no longer frightened of... the boogie man taking away my birthday!

  • I do my best more often than not, living my life in a healthy and productive way. I love with all my heart. I respect individual thoughts and beliefs. I trust those who earn that from me. Just don't fuck with me :)

I enjoy being... a SUPER HERO!

Take care out there and hug someone randomly today AND if you don't get punched or get brought up on assault charges, YAY YOU!

Gloriously Me ;)

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