Monday, August 18, 2008

I Wanna Be A Rock Star!

"A glimpse of you evokes desperate screams from virtual strangers anywhere you go, anything you do..."

Wow, now that IS powerful!

I would like that :)

What type of person craves such strength; what careers require such importance?

Police Man/Police Chick, Military Personnel, Pilot, Rock Star, Minister, Counsellor - just to name a few that pop into the wee pee.

Hmmm, I choose ROCK STAR! I will have to learn to sing, become anorexic, shave off 20 years, and get over my fear of large crowds. But hey, we all NEED A DREAM! Dammit.

Whooooooosh X

1 comment:

Boaz said...

They're not rocks they're mellons!