Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Proof Update/Updated...

The Glorious Talent: (Back Row) Eriko, Margaret, Wonder Woman, CAST - Jillian-Ruth, CAST - Bob, Cathy, Bonnie. (Front Row) CAST - Ivan, Cori, Shelley, CAST - Jacquie, Tara.


Proof has gone POOF. Four well attended evenings. Four nights filled with tears. No one should ever feel such disparity as Bob Gaites performed on stage for us all.

Well done y'all!

Pssst, interesting how I have my mouth WIDE open, huh? Who'd thunk that one ;)


Pablo said...

You can close you mouth now, nasty girl!

Wonder Woman said...




joelle said...

Soooo...there are two people with mouths wide open in the pic - which one are you? My guess is the one not wearing a cap, but I could be wrong.

Wonder Woman said...

Oooh, I'm wearing the cap ;)

Bad hair day :)