Monday, May 7, 2007

Funny conversations...

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi Dear. Did you have a nice weekend?”

“Yeah, it was fun. Boyfriend and I went biking in Central Park. Then we had dinner and-”

“Biking?!! On the street in New York City!!? Did you wear a helmet??!!”

“Uh, no.”

“Don’t you know how dangerous that is!!?”

“Mom, it was fine, really. Anyway then we went to this art gallery–”

“People can die from bike accidents! It happens all the time. I knew this woman once who was in medical school. She was riding her bike to school, and she got hit by a truck–”

“Yeah, anyway, we wanted to see this one art show but it was closed–”

“–can you believe it, a truck! The driver wasn’t paying attention or something and didn’t see her–”

“–but there was this other gallery opening going on and we both figured we’d check it out–”

“–and she was only a week away from graduation–”

“–except that I lost Boyfriend so I ended up wandering around this dark abandoned alley alone in completely flight-prohibitive heels–”

“–and she was killed instantly.”

“–so I ran into the middle of the street and hailed a cab with my body–”

“It was so horrible. She never even got to graduate.”

“–and then I topped the night off by freebasing some homemade crack and performing vaginal gymnastics with ping pong balls that’d been dipped in petri dishes full of Hepatitis C.”

“Yes but what about your helmet!”

Found here at opinionista.

Thanks for the laugh!


Roland said...

My verification was "sucfk"
Thought you could make a definition for it.

MikeT said...

I can actually see some mothers I have known being like that. Hook up with a random guy in a seedy bar? That's dumb. No helmet or were smoking? WTF WERE YOU THINKING THAT COULD KILL YOU!

Wonder Woman said...

Well Mr Duckeepoo, suck n fuck, of course :)

Mikeepoo, don't we all know THOSE kinda moms, eh :)