Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Dee Spot

A step beyond the G-spot, visit...
The Dee Spot!

(In Cut Around the Corner)

Esthetics Specialist

Body & Ear Piercing - Not enough holes in your head/body? I CAN help you!

Pedicure / French Pedicure - Tired, calloused feet? Relax I am to the rescue!

Polish Change - We are expected to change our minds!

Gel Toe Nails - Less chipping, less smudging - be the ultimate in divine!

Pedique Pedicure - The product, the service that's extraordinary...

Reflexology - Touch me, feel me, fix me.

Gel Nails - Can you say 'goddess' like you mean it? Now you can!

Waxing Services - Any hair, any where, any time - BE GONE!

Facials - Cleanse, scrub, moisturize, mmm.

Relaxation Massage - As the name suggests


Revised for shits n giggles...


Wanna moan like you mean it, visit...

The Dee Spot!
(In Cut Around the Corner)

Esthetics Specialist

Body & Ear Piercing - Do you like it when it hurts? Here I am, hurry - before I spank you!

Pedicure / French Pedicure - Ugly, smelly, dry feet scraping across the sheets at night? Maybe your partner has refused your sexual advances lately, maybe it's your feet? Hmmm...

Polish Change - Women, who understands them? And I'm a chick!

Gel Toe Nails - A toe suckingly great time.

Reflexology - Touch me, feel me, lick me, suck me...oh wait I don't...or do I?

Gel Nails - Can you say "blow job whore"?

Waxing Services - Feeling lonely, get a Brazilian job!

Facials - PULL OUT NOW.

Relaxation Massage - Topless, unzipped, warm lotions...





Suggestions for a flyer, anyone?

I would also like to mention that I have been officially open one week tomorrow and everything has been Yankee doodlific thus far.

With pedicure season on it's way, I'm a busy lil beaver..or is that bee?

Continuing with school until mid June in Moose Jaw on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gas prices are killing me!

Son's graduation is coming up next Friday, May 25th, WOW!

Working at the spa in Regina Fridays and Saturdays until July 1st.

Tummy is getting better every day. Went to mister doctor guy, apparently sex ahead of time didn't hurt a damn thing, I KNEW IT! Good thing I listen to my "little voice". Desperate as it was :)

Wee one decided to join a garage sale adventure, she made nearly $50. AND THEN she spent it buying some summer apparel. Awesome child, I know you were thinking it too :)

Teaching fitness classes Mondays and Wednesdays in full force now, everyone wants to work HARD for bikini season I'm thinking. Currently not able to participate in any strenuous fitness, which enables me to work out my class participants much, MUCH, oh for the love of God, MUCH more ...mauh ha ha ha ha!

Completed the infamous "Brazilian Waxing" - I liked it. This of course is coming from a woman who didn't/doesn't mind sticking needles in nipples...

Beautiful kiddo is returning from Calgary this week for her brothers grad, looking forward to spending time with her. SHREK date, I'm thinking.

When truly is the best time to clean the kitchen, do dishes, fold laundry, etc...

On Saturday, the day began with ... a HUGE smile!


Until I type again...

*blows a kiss*



joelle said...

I could really go for some reflexology right now. I'm thinking I'll pass on the piercings, though... two holes in each ear is enough for me! :)

Congrats on the new undertaking! I hope it goes smashingly!

Wonder Woman said...

How about the brazilian?

Sounds almost heavenly, I know ;)

Thanks, it will!

Anonymous said...

Would you give a brazilian to an intoxicated woman? Actually you almost had me talked into it, but I have issues with exposing my private parts to people....just ask my husband!!!

Wonder Woman said...

Awww, but I'm really not a "real" person. I'm delusionally neurotic, obsessive's all good ;)

Wax on, wax off...

Another way to say, "I love you!"

Surprise the neighbours tonight?

Okay, I think I'm done...

Maybe :)

joelle said...

I waxed my lip once, and that was enough torture for me when it came to hot liquids and ripping pain. Now I use this marvelous product that dissolves the hair. It's a wonderful, not-torturous relationship. (Which probably makes it much less fun in your eyes - he he). ;)

Wonder Woman said...

Big baby :-P