Monday, December 11, 2006

My thoughts do as I'd always imagined them doing...


Last session I made it to every class, I taught for a total of 75 classes. I'm just into the next session of fitness classes and I had to cancel all three today. I have wrenching stomach cramps, the kind that you double over at, continuously, hard, unforgiving, dear me - this sucks!

Now, I must mention these woman that take fitness classes from me, they rock. A few have called to make sure I was okay, and to let me know if there was anything I needed, to call them. Amazing how God puts forth every day blessings, especially when you need em.

July 7th, 2007 - If you're around the beach nearby, pop in and say a friendly hello, I'll be around :)

I have complied several stacks of books to pass along to friends. THE TRICK: I must remember to pass them along - sheesh, always a catch!

My clever eldest daughter is in the final stages of completing her semester, with finals and smiles - way to go beautiful, wise one!

Apparently the only time I don't enjoy eating is when I'm THIS ill. How retarded. I couldn't imagine feeling like this for longer than a day...makes you think about people who suffer through illnesses. The strength they hold, wow. I did make it until everyone left home today to cry, that's as far as I get to "strong" when life bites my ass ;)

Which streams my conscience to sex. It's a rare occasion that I, WW, don't want a little hanky panky. I mean, just to clarify, after c-sectioning I was a randy-N-ready. Today, it was a struggle to understand that I, just didn't want to - then. It passed, PHEW!

This year has not been my year for "healthy" which only concludes that next year I will be SUPER-FANDIDLY-EXCELLENT!

Bruce Lee our black lab has creatively plundered into Mrs. Wiggles (our rabbit) cage again today. It's enemy-attack-tough, yet a clever dog with a plan seems to be no match. In any case, pretty sure Mrs. Wiggles isn't alive and I CAN wait until my honey arrives home before finding out for sure.

I love, unconditionally, forever, always, my children.

I wonder when they'll all move out?


Or am I...

PS. That's Bruce Lee as an innocent pup taken, April of 2006.

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MikeT said...

You should have known the moment that you named the dog Bruce Lee that he would be an ass kicker. The rabbit never stood a chance.